About Our Company

Operating with the highest ethical standards, Legal Video Technologies, Inc. takes very seriously our position and the needs of our clients. Ed Close, our founder, established this company in 1993 to meet the growing demands of quality litigation exhibits in Video, Graphics, Photography and Computer Presentations throughout Florida.
The company has a strong reputation for being honest, transparent, and inclusive. We don't believe in overstating our abilities or making exaggerated claims. Our purpose is to serve you to the best of our ability, and being upfront from the beginning is key.

Cost Efficient & Effective Solutions for Your Mediation & Trial needs

The Team


Whether we are doing Day-In-The-Life videos or taking photos of your clients' injuries you can count on us to act professional and courteous to your clients.  There is no greater reward than to have you and your clients refer us for additional work.  We strive for transparent cost discussions so that we can work in your firm's budget.  During trial we understand that litigation can be constantly changing, therefore we are available at all hours and days to meet your needs.  Sometimes evidence can be in peril of spoliation and we strive to document it as soon as possible using the tools at our disposal.
Dedicated and knowledgeable are words often used to describe our company.   You can count on us acting in the same manner for you.