Video Production Services

Services include: Day-In-The-Life video, Settlement Presentations, Video Depositions, Medical exams and on-site documentation.  We offer broadcast quality video in many formats including: Hd, SD, Mpg, etc.  Our many awards in Video Settlement Presentations have set us apart from other video companies with our "60 minutes" style of documenting the Damages and Liability issues of your case. 


Visual Exhibits can be compelling for jurors and adjusters aiding them to rapidly learn the nuances of your case.  Most jurors are visual learners so we design an exhibit with that in mind.  We have produced 1000's of exhibits such as Medical Timelines, Scene Reconstruction, complex business associations, injuries, scale models, aerials, surgical illustrations, MRIs and many more.


Cost Efficient & Effective Solutions for Mediation and Trial Issues


Photography is of the highest quality for purposes of trial, mediations and demand packages and are visual proof "a picture is worth a thousand words".  We use very high-end equipment so that every detail is documented.  Photographs can include injuries, scenes, special macro photos (products liability), post-surgery wounds, scene aerials etc.

In-House Production Studios


We realized years ago that keeping our Exhibit and Video production in-house was the only way to meet deadlines and quality control.  Our video editing suite consists of many computers for multitasking with a central memory Raid storage of 30Tb for video storage.  Exhibit/Graphic  boards are all produced in-house with our own wide format printer and mounting system.